Shamanic Soul Consulting

Shamanic Soul Consulting is all about you! 

The lessons available to you during this Earthly life are a blessing from the guides and ancestors that hold us through time, 

both challenging and joyful. 

As a certified life coach, with a masters in leadership, and years of Shamanic training, 

I feel confident that we can work together to serve your highest soul needs. 

If you want to grow, make personal improvements, and better yourself in general, 

this is for you!

What is Shamanic Soul Consulting? 

These sessions are similar to a talk therapy session but we work through life challenges with spiritual guidance as well as energy work to recognize our toxic cycles, receive universal messages, welcome the lessons we need to learn and implement all through the Shaman's eye. We learn to use discernment to honor your soul to the best of our ability. You will learn tools to help you learn how to manage future lessons and to support you through life in a way that serves your whole self  as you raise your vibrations to walk as your authentic self. 

I approach life a bit outside the lines, through a non-judgemental, safe sacred space with an open heart  and I teach you to do the same for yourself, while being able to stay self-motivated. 

Price Per Session- $100  per hour - zoom

Soul Conuslting- Packages

4 week - 1 meeting per week- $377

12 week/ 3 months - 1 meeting per week- $1,111

24 week/ 6 months-  $2,222

1 hour- $100

 Combining my masters degree in leadership with my life experience of spiritual shamanic mentorship, and life purpose coaching I offer you an alternative to traditional talk therapy. 

What does this tangibly look like? 

We set attainable goals or recognize what we want to addres  and then outline how we are going to get there, and begin to work through what it takes.  As lessons and blockages surface,  we recognize them with techniques that incorporate our whole self to heal while  staying accountable to our word, and many check-ins. This technique provides a balance of spiritual life while manitaining a functioning daily life. 

We utilize newer healing modalities to really get deeper into ourselves to make real lasting change with a mix of goal setting, self-evaluations, check-ins and more. 

Do you struggle with these areas of life for yourself and others? 

What can soul consulting do for you?  

This work can help you re-establish your self trust in the ways of: 

Are you ready to turn your page? 

I can be reached at, or FB messenger @LifeOutsidetheLinesConsulting

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