Shamanic Soul Consulting

Shamanic Soul Consulting is all about you! The lessons available to you during this Earthly life are a blessing from the guides and ancestors that hold us through time, both challenging and joyful. 

As a certified life coach, and years of Shamanic training, I feel confident that we can work together to serve your highest soul needs. 

What is Shamanic Soul Consulting? 

These sessions are similar to a talk therapy session but we work through life challenges, messages we receive, lessons we need to learn and implement all through the Shaman's eye. We learn to use discernment to honor your soul to the best of our ability. You will learn tools to helo you learn how to manage future lessons and to support you through life in a way that serves you as your authentic self.  We approach life through a non-judgemental, safe space with an open heart space. 

Price Per Session- $80 per hour - zoom