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Are you and your family receiving the nutrition to help feed their brains?

How can you start your day on the right healthy foot to keep you going all day

without the afternoon slump?

Ask me what I do! janabetlach@gmail.com

Are you ready to feel better than you can ever remember?

For years I knew I could eat better and feel better. But I kept falling back on convenience, and old habits. I know people, like me, want to improve their diets/food intake. It took me a long time to figure this out!

How, is not the hard part anymore. Shelf stable raw organic fruits, vegetables and supplements can be in your hands all the time too.

Purium gives me the food resources to add to my health. I get the deep nutrients that I know I am missing. I can detox when I need to, eat on the go and while traveling. I can boost my immune system and heal from illnesses.

I feel better than I have in over a decade. Once you get going (I am here to help you find your way) it's easier than you think!

EveryBODY needs this!

Recipes w/ Purium Products

Creamy Peanut Butter Fruit Dip

MVP Green Banana Bread (Dairy free)

MVP Kids or Epi- Genius Kids Brownie Bites

Cashew Veggie Dip (GF & DF)

Raw Cranberry Salsa

AM Protein Pick-Me Up ( DF, coming soon)

AM Peach Protein Smoothy (DF, coming soon)

We know the virus isn't going away, so it's more important than ever to build your immune system, so you can fight like a superhero!

There is compelling research saying natural sources of melatonin, Vitamin C and D are the best ways to protect you and your loved ones beforehand. For this I would suggest the C from Nature supplement for vitamin C, and our Apothe Cherry Juice for natural melatonin production.

For immune support take the Viru-Sure supplement, or the Immuno Max.

Purium has taken it a step further and built an immunity pack.

For Children (and adults)

Epi-Genuis Kids/Family

Protein & vitamins never tasted so good.

The DELICIOUS taste of CREAMY CHOCOLATE and the power of over 20 organic superfoods. That’s genius, right? No, it’s Epi-Genius Kids, our newest product for all the little ones in your family! Create a healthy craving with super fruits, super vegan protein, super greens and super vitamins. It tastes so good, you’ll wonder how we fit in all the fruits and greens. We don’t know who will like it more: you or your kids!

This is my top favorite! Every morning I drink 8 oz. of this. It has changed my skin and improved my eyesight! Ask me how!

Why Purium?

Because I trust it!

Because they are transparent!

Because it makes me feel great!

I feel 100% confident eating and feeding real food (that I know is clean) to my family. I know that I can keep them strong and healthy using Purium's shakes and supplements.

The bonus is that I feel amazing and am grateful to share it with you too!

Ready to feel better?

I am always willing to host a group cleanse. Want to do it together? Ease into it with Core 4 first.

I can provide a FB group for support, food ideas and information along the way. 10 day Transformation or a 40-day reset, totally up to you, BUT order now to make sure you get your products for when you want them!

Message me for exact details.

I felt great last time!

$50 off your first order of $75 or more- code Dragonflyorganics

I fully believe that being your best comes from feeding your body the best.

Your brain needs deep nutrition, feed it!

My food philosophy is based on JOY for cooking, JOY of eating and JOY for LIFE. I am not a purist, although I do believe in doing better when you know better. I eat as much organic as I can and choose moderation for ease of life. Now, don't get me wrong. I DEMAND high quality, clean ingredients and I search out the BEST! That's why I choose Poofy and Purium, they are the best. Hide veggies in everything, Purium can help!

$50 off your first order of $75 or more- code Dragonflyorganics