Bone, Shells and Curios Tossing

To make a toss request please reach out to Jana via email at or give her a call at 303-668-3597. 

The cost for this service is $55. Payable at toss request acceptance, via venmo or other agreed upon source. 

The ancient practice of bone and curios tossing can be traced back to Shamans, Mystics and Tribe Leaders from thousands of years ago as a form of art in necromancy. It is a divination practice used for the purpose of finding insight to questions that linger within you. I do not tell the future. Each culture has its own way of tossing and just as it’s been passed down with lessons, research, honoring of my guides and spirit helpers, ceremony and much practice, I bring you the way that resonated most with me. After much leaning in and much time listening, my way has revealed itself and I am ready to share it with you. 

This is how bone and curios tossing goes. 

You are the querent, or client. You will need to come up with an open ended question. 

Something that has been a challenge for you or something that you’ve been wondering. Ideally not a yes or no question. 

Example- In what ways can I highlight my gifts in my service based work to financially support my family? 

You will choose one of the 3 objects pictured that most resonated with you. 

You will also choose the mat that I toss onto. 

I will spend some time, around a day or so, feeling out your question. I will commune with my guides asking for support and assistance to connect with your ancestors and guides for a deep ceremonial reading. Those that come forward  may ask for me to place items around the tossing mat in honor of you and them. 

Setting up for toss I will place requested items around the mat, call in my helpers, do as they ask (sometimes removing items), open ceremony, and toss the bone and curios kit, including the object you chose to represent yourself with my Shaman’s breath. You will see many items land on the mat. If it does not land on the mat, those items aren’t meant to be read and I return them to the basket. 

I begin the reading with the querent object and move as directed by my helpers. The mat shows us past, present and future and the sides give us information about the likelihood or not so likely of what the objects are telling us. 

Sometimes the reading doesn’t make a ton of sense immediately. But from experience, I have found bone tossing readings to be very accurate, and prophetic. I am constantly in awe of this ancient practice. 

For the reading, I will email you photos of your toss and how the area was set up with a brief introduction as to what I was asked to place as an offering. Included will be multiple voice recordings, labeled in order or a video. I use this method of communication so you can replay it and follow along between the reading and the pictures, or watch the video multiple times.. I am more than happy to follow up with questions afterwards. I highly recommend listening and or watching to the reading a few times. There are lots of details to the readings and it’s easy to not notice possible connections. 

Thank you so much for being part of sharing the energy of our world with me and honoring you and your ancestors through this beautiful practice of bone and curios tossing. 

Bone/ Curios Tossing Testimonials

I highly recommend working with Jana. I had the pleasure of having my story read with a bone toss for the first time and she is amazing. It was a beautiful experience.- 

Cassie Rodriguez, Nov. 5, 2023

Jana is an amazing shaman, she did a bone toss for me, and the spread that was tossed was absolutely amazing, and dead on. She’s extremely knowledgeable at her gift!!

Viera Angel, May 13, 2023

Jana just did a bone reading for me and it was AMAZING!!! I cannot say enough that if you have a hard question that you are contemplating and just not sure which way to go ask Jana! Her bone throwing technique is unique and gives you so much insight to help guide you. Highly recommend seeing her and consulting with her about bone throwing.- Aly Hargraves- Dec. 12, 2022