As I continually dive deeper into Shamanic living I will walk the called path with integrity. 

Part of my agreement when I said YES to this calling was that I would continue to educate those that were ready to raise their own vibrations. 

Educating others is me sharing what I have learned along the way. Enjoy!

Weekly/ Monthly Freebies

Every Full Moon I offer a FREE mini (25-30 pieces) bone/curios toss, worth $40. 

Want to know more? Click HERE for the bone toss  details. 

I post the offering on my FB page

All you have to do to enter is comment on the post when you see it on the full moon of each month!

Every Sunday on my FB Page I post a Free Distant Reiki give. I send healing energy to anyone that comments that they need it, no questions!

Each Monday morning I post a Weekly Ritual Challenge for you to try for the week. 

Recipe for Shamanic Florida Water 

Use and instructions. 

Article about Sage Smoke Cleansing

History, how to, and health/spiritual benefits.

Nervous System Regulation Write-Up

This is a beginning write up about regulating your nervous system while living with trauma and/or anxiety. 

 Intro. Crystal Beginner

Top 5 cyrstals for beginners!

Lilac Recipes

Syrup, water, lemonade and more