Shamanic Energy Work / Usui Reiki

To schedule a Reiki session, in-person or distant, or Shamanic energy session with Jana, 

please call her at 303-668-3597, or email her at  

Jana is a certified Reiki Master and Shamanic Practitioner.

What is the difference between Shamanic Reiki and Usui Reiki? 

Shamanic Energy work can be much more than a Reiki session. Shamanic energy work can be deep healing work to let go of past life or current traumas, assisting in helping to heal a sick body or connecting with your ancestors and guides for information. As a Shaman, I can share a technique called journeying with you that can take us, just for a little while, out of the ordinary world, we call this the nonordinary world. In that world, we can transcend time forward and backward to ask questions of those that come to us. It is an honored practice. 

Shamanic Energy work can be energy extractions, cord cuttings, feathering, energy clearings and soul retrieval. 

What does an in-person session look like?  

It is most important for me to serve the client with their highest good at the forefront of each session My unique sessions have developed over time to include a few special services based on the body needs of the client. Reiki treatments typically last about 50- 60 minutes. After a quick discussion of the clients needs the client lies on a massage table, fully clothed. I gently places her hands palms down on or just above the patient’s body in specific energy locations and uses a series of 12 to 15 different hand positions. The length of time that the practitioner leaves her hands in each position is determined by the flow of energy through her hands at each location. There is no pressure, massage or manipulation. I also utilize crystal healing, aura cleansing, feathering, cord cuttings, energy extractions, and sometimes red light therapy. All of these options are discussed beforehand at no additional cost. 

The patient experiences the energy as sensations such as heat, tingling or pulsing where the practitioner has placed her hands. Sometimes, the sensations are felt moving through the body as heat, cold or tingling; some people do not perceive any change at all. Most people feel very relaxed and peaceful, and many fall asleep during the treatment. 

After a session I request you to be gentle with your self, drink plenty of water, and give yourself time to listen to your surroundings; meditate, sit with your thoughts, yoga, and stretch. Notice what your body is communicating to you. I will share suggestions of how to further care for your body and any intuitive information that I may have picked up during your reading.

What does a distant session look like? 

Shamanic energy and Reiki energy is transmutable through space and time. I can send energy all over the world to be received. These sessions are just as effective if not more so due to the client beign comfortable in their home environment. For a distant session, I schedule a quick phone call to discuss the needs of the client. Then the client gets set up and super comfortable with the crystals of their choice if available, water, soft music etc. I get to work opening sacred space, set up a distant Reiki board, and as the energy conduit send the client reiki energy. I take notes about what comes to me during the session. After the session I send the client  image of the notes and the reiki board. I send a text message about all the things and suggestions for the next 48 hours to help the energies within. 

How does Reiki work? 

The reiki practitioner is the conduit between the patient and the source of the universal life force energy; the energy flows through the practitioner’s energy field and through her hands to the patient. (The energy does not come from the practitioner; rather it comes through the practitioner from the universal source.)

What is Reiki ?

Reiki is hands-on natural healing using the universal life force energy. The term comes from the Japanese words “rei,” meaning universal, and “ki,” which means vital life force energy that flows through all living things. Reiki, an abundant, gentle spiritual energy is not tied to any specific religion or nationality.

Reiki, which is used all over the world in places including hospitals and hospices, was developed by a Japanese man named Mikao Usui in the early 1900s. It aids in healing by helping people become energetically balanced physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Reiki is associated with the energetic pathways that travel through our bodies called chakras, energetic wheels that can become blocked thorugh lifes challenges. The energy healing can open the blocked chakras to allow flow and restoring balance. 

What are the benefits of receiving Reiki?

According to the national Center for Complementary and alternative Medicine, people use Reiki for relaxation, stress reduction and symptom relief, in efforts to improve overall health and well-being. A Reiki treatment may do the following:

My Reiki Fees

I feel that payment is a beautiful, honest exchange of services. After all money is a form of energy as well.  I can accept venmo,  paypal, or cash/check if in person. 

My Office - $90

Distant- $80

Group Class- $ depending on the workshop

Outdoor- $110

What conditions can be treated by Reiki?

Reiki is not specific to any particular type of disease or condition. Because it works on the entire self – mind, body and emotions – and because it is universal life force energy, it may be successful in all types of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. Plants, pets and other animals respond positively to reiki healing as well. Have you seen my house plants? 

After a Shamanic Reiki balancing, cord cutting and aura cleanse I feel amazing today? If this is normal I need more apt.'s- CK- Colorado

I just wanted to say 48 hours later and almost all the physical anxiety I was having has completely dissipated. I can’t believe how much better and level I feel. MG- North Carolina

Yesterday I had a long distance session with Jana Betlach of LIfe Outside the Lines Consulting and I can not express how different I feel. From the moment I sat up, I felt a weight had been lifted from my physical body. I felt more focused, powerful, energized, whole, loved, supported and free of all the was not serving my highest good. It was POWERFUL! Thank you Jana for your love, support and being amazing with your gifts and sharing with the rest of us. - Darcie, Iowa

As an Usui Reiki Master, Jana offers 

Call Jana to schedule (303) 668-3597 or email at

Reiki Training

I offer private one on one Reiki Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 (master teachers level) classes in my office or distant via Zoom. 

Classes are generally 3-4 hours in length. To perform Reiki on others you must be certified in Level 1. Level 2 focuses on long distance healing. Level 3 is the master level anf focuses on more specific techniques and adding a few other modalities. 

To teach Reiki to community you must be certified in all three levels. There are time requirements and hours of practice between levels. 

Reiki Level 1 - $333

Reiki Level 2 - $222

Reiki Master Level 3 - $444

Fee includes a workbook, your certification, and a 30 minute check-in session post class which includes a distant Reiki session and visualization. I add in lots of extras based on the clients needs and we make it fun, engaging and a beautiful addition to your soul work!

Can Reiki replace traditional medical or therapeutic treatments?

No, reiki complements all other types of medical and therapeutic treatments. Reiki treatment should not be used as a substitute for consultation of a physician, a practitioner of natural therapeutics or a psychotherapist. Reiki can increase the efficacy of other types of healing but does not take the place of. 

Will I benefit from Reiki if I am in good health already?

Yes. If you are in good health already, regularly applied reiki treatments (about once a month) enhance your ability to respond to unhealthy elements in your environment and help you to handle stress. By promoting the harmonious distribution of energy, reiki is an excellent form of preven-tive medicine.