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- Spiritual Family Consulting

- Psilocybin Power

Life Outside the Lines Consulting is a unique space that combines decades of work/life experience and Shamanic spiritual practice. You will receive individualized  support  through guidance, mentorship and energy healing. During your journey and discovery you may find yourself experiencing knowldege of a higher sense of awareness, releasing and healing, renewed life balance, and level of joy that you haven't previously known. 

 If you found me there's a reason! 

My programs are  designed monthly to support and guide you on your own timeline, in your own self awareness, soul connection to yourself and others, and spiritual growth. Every month you will receive zoom sessions to discuss questions, progress and ideas, and weekly lessons via email. I also love to provide each client with a distant Shamanic Reiki session to aid in stress and body balance to support the deep soul work being done. 

Eight Chakra Healing for Lasting Change - Signature Program

Through life we age and develop in stages. Each of these life stages coincides with chakra development. We all go through trials, tribualtions and sometimes traumas that leave us changed forever, meaning that they became lodged in our energy body. My healing program takes us back to early in life through our current age to higher spiritual development in our older age. We identify, release and heal our experiences that resulted in our changed behaviors and changed ways of thinking. We do this by opening the chakra doors utitlizing energy work, learning shamanic practices, and learning how to handle our personal triggers and then what to do when it's recognized. I believe that each of us has the ability to heal but that sometimes we need a guide to hold a safe space for us to crumble and then support us while we rebuild. Healing can happen!

We all desire to live a life of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Choose you!

$325 per month- 

$250 per month-

For a lengthier description with a lot more detail, check out this document. 

The Beginning- 8

Testimonial- Love Letters- 8 Chakra Healing Program 

 Lakewood, CO- Jan.. '23- For years, decades,  I've been creating a plan as to what to do instead of being depressed. But I was too depressed to implement it. In 1 week of the 8 Chakra Healing program I see hope and change. I woke up without cursing that I was still alive.  I feel the shift, I did yoga. There's a light that wasn't there before. I can only imagine the transformation that's coming for me. 

CO- Feb., '23- After finishing my work with the root chakra I have built trust of myself and I trust myself to take care of myself. I have been depressed for 20 years. I am not depressed and I know what's ahead will continuwe to be transformational. 

CO-  August '23- Thank you for your divine guidance on my healing journey. Your insights are invaluable! Your wisdom, training, and knowledge shows in what you do. Thank you, thank you!

WI- March '23- I'm so grateful that I have this amazing space where nothing is off limits. I don't have to censor my feelings and fears. It opens a whole new world. Thank you so much for creating this safe space so that I can deal in order to heal. 

Spiritual Family Consulting 

This program builds intentional and purposeful family strength through interraction that builds spiritual connection between all family members, while honoring each persons unique gifts and supports true authenticity in a world where that is constantly being challenged. 

Imagine if we could support our children to learn through their energy wheels within their bodies? If we, as parents, had the tools to encourage our children to truly develop as their authentic selves right from birth? 

We as a people and a nation have drifted away from  deeply respecting our children as little spritually connected humans. They are not always honored for the innate wisdom and knowledge that they hold deep within. Our current world hasn't allowed or supported time and energy to this practice in over 100 years. It's time we, together, change how we live side by side with our children.  From that subtle but powerful shift we change our families ways towards peace, connection, communication and honoring eachother. 

Shamanic Family Consulting is a unique and powerful blend of 

 I incorporate lessons to work with, not against,  the stresses of todays world, while walking a calmer and happier path. As a Shamanic Practitioner, parent and a leader in education, I bring decades of real child development, spiritual connection, nature connection, psychology and parenting skills to support the family that looks to do it their way, outside the lines of societal expectations.  

 Level A- $200 per month

 For the family that wants to dip their toes in and can dedicate a few hours every couple of weeks. 

You receive- 2 family bonding activities per month

 Level B- $250 per month  

For the family that wants to begin integrating philosophy, shift their way of living to be more in tune with balance and can dedicate at least 1 hour per week. 

You receive- 2 family bonding activities per month, 

Level C- $350 per month

For the family that's all in and is ready to grow together for the better for life and can dedicate the time to make a family philosophical cultural shift. 

You receive- 4 family bonding activities per month, 

Once the family is enrolled we choose a length of time to set some family goals. This gives us a starting point, some clear direction, addresses the current challenges and sets priorties through our time together.  As we work together, I continually assess and provide suggestions for resources that support what's needed. This program is tailored to each individual family. 

Testimonials- I like to call them Love Letters!

November, 2019- Mindset Consulting

Jana has a way that made me feel safe to share the real challenges of my parenting. She helped me make decisions and get on the same page with my husband. Our daughters behavior has gotten easier for us, not just me, to handle and manage. I feel more confident than ever and can't wait to learn more from Jana. C.H.R. - Lakewood, CO

July, 2020- Mindset Consulting

Jana is an incredible resource, support, and all around wonderful person! If you are hesitating to reach out to her DON"T! You won't regret it!- Facebook, ~ CP, Lakewood, Colorado

Psilocybin Power Consulting Program

The psilocybin mushroom movement is in full swing here in CO and the power of mushrooms has been overlooked for far too long, or has it? From the Shamanic perspective plants are medicine. Shamans, Medicine Men and Women, our ancestors have been utilizing plant medicine in many different ways for thousands of years. It’s only been in the last 100 years where these magical plant medicines have been lost and buried with the illusion that man has the answers. It is NOW that many of us are returning to our roots and ancestry to revive and honor the ways that Mother Gaia has gifted us healing. Mushrooms, including the psychedelic ones, have been around for thousands of years, since the very beginning of fungi. Our planet, Mother Gaia, Spirit and any other entity you may believe in, provided us with solutions to our challenges and illnesses in one way or another. Mushroom medicine is just one of the many gifts. Let’s work together to support your mushroom journey and honor this gift to improve your quality of life. 

What I provide that is unique to me, is the connection to the plant, deep integration services to implement the messages and lessons that come to you while experiencing the medicine, and close safe support while you continue to dive deep to meet your goals and transform your life! I also make sure to assist in suggesting medicine strains that directly hel you work towards your goals and different kinds to avoid psilocybin tolerance build up. 

Magic mushrooms have the healing power properties that are taking center stage and my aim is to be here to support you through the journey. 

Whether it be for

Through my Psilcybin Power Program, we work to integrate the beautiful and sometimes unexpected messages you receive through this powerful plant medicine. It's the lessons that you walk away with from each experience that are so transformational. 

How is the Power Program designed, how long would it take you and what would it cost you? 

Psilocybin Power Program

Psilocybin Power Program Testimonials