Life Outside the Lines Consulting is a unique landing zone that combines decades of work experience and life spiritual practice. You will receive individualized support through guidance, mentorship and energetic healing. During your learning journey and discovery you may find yourself experiencing a higher sense of awareness, life balance, and level of joy you haven't previously known.

If you found me there's a reason!

My coaching programs are designed as a monthly mentorship to assist you in your own self awareness, soul connection, and spiritual growth. Each month's participation is completely flexible due to the deep nature of the work, sometimes we all need to take a pause and process. Every month you will receive 1 zoom session to discuss questions, progress and ideas, and weekly lessons via email. I also love to provide each family member or person with a distant Shamanic Crystal Reiki session to aid in stress and body balance to support the deep soul work being done. This can also be done as an add on.

Shamanic Family Coaching - $175 per month for all family members, $250 per month including 1 distant Reiki session

Shamanic Family Coaching is a unique and powerful blend of techniques and lessons to work with, not agaisnt, the stresses of todays world while, walking a calmer and happier path. We as a people and a nation have drifted away from deeply respecting our children and our elders. They are not honored for the innate wisdom and knowledge that they hold deep within. Our current world hasn't allowed time and energy to this practice in over 100 years. It's time we, together, change how we live side by side with our children. From that subtle but powerful shift we change our families ways towards peace, communication and honoring eachother. As a Shaman you learn and share the knowledge of many cultures in order to preserve the wisdom and to carry on rituals, traditions, and history.

As an educator for over 2 decades, with a bachelors and masters, I have witnessed first hand how this attitude towards our youth has stunted their growth, spiritual development, and their own abilities to know themselves. In Shamanic Family Coaching we learn specific Cognitive Behavioral Techniques (CBT) to be mindful as we walk our journey individually and as a family unit. We incorporate animal medicine in the form of stories and signs about life. We do family energy work together to find our personal homeostasis and then learn skills how to maintain that and regroup when needed.

Soul Connection Mentorship- $125, $175 including 1 distant Reiki session

Each person experiences life as their own personal journey. Many times there is a defining moment where afterwards things seem a bit more clear, a fog may have lifted, you may be feeling a bit more free and bit less scared about the life you lead, or you may be ready to shake things up. That was me too. I woke up ready to live my life outside the lines of societal expectations. If you are ready to dive within, conenct to your souls desires, your ancestors and guides to see what's there for you, I am ready to guide you on a life altering journey.

The Soul Connection Mentorship Program is a flexible monthly agreement that's tailored just to you. In this individualized program you may receive support in self awareness, soul care, spiritual guidance, connecting to your souls purpose. Sometimes we set goals, sometimes we delve into shadow work, sometimes we journey. The work can fee like coming home but can also be so beautifully hard. I can also add a distant Shamanic Crystal Reiki session for an additional fee.