My Story

From the moment I was born, things were unusual, and I was raised strong enough to follow my passions. Living outside, choosing the abnormal forced me to level up. If you are in a place where leveling up, you have a higher calling, is being required of you, I have the tools to spiritually guide you and minimize the frustration and confusion that can come with what life is throwing at you.

Now it's your turn to Live Your Life Outside the Lines!

My Why Story:

My dad got cancer when I was 11, I almost died in a car crash at 16 when I slid off a bridge, I married young, became a mother at 21, abuse, narcissism, divorce, financial challenges, single parenting, working and full time college, child loss, debilitating injury and more. I had bad days, months and even years that really weren't very pretty. I'm not here to tell you all of this to bare my soul or make you feel bad for me. I'm telling you my past because I survived and am thriving! Somewhere along the ride I chose to never stop. I never gave up. I never accepted that the life I was in the middle of living was it. I never accepted that there wasn't more for me because I knew in my soul that I had a purpose ahead of me! There was a calling as a child that has lead to me to where I am today.

Listening to my calling helped me heal, be courageous, persevere, be resilient., dig deep and listen to my intuition.

That calling also lead me to a new way of life. At 40 I turned my family upside down and beagn welcoming the Shamanic way of living. This way of life requires softer steps, deeper knowings, skills to let go of generational trauma, trust in the Universe and in your ancestors, a strong growth mindset, and much healing to let go of the past and looking to the future.

Most people get by, mostly happy, fairly successful, being a good parent, living as is and everything is fine. But, many still have a nagging feeling as if something is missing. At this point many start searching and begin down their spiritual path. You may connect with Yoga, Reiki enery work, crystals, the moon and stars, or you may have abilities that are showing themselves more often than ever, you may discover you are an empath but aren't sure what to do with all of these newly learned pieces about yourself. That's where I can be of service.

With my soul knowings and learnings I chose to walk the path and now honor my journey and callings to serve and support your soul callings.

This is now your next step.

Do you have the need to heal past life experiences that left you wounded and hurting?

Do you feel that calling for something more, a larger purpose?

Do you need a stronger spiritual practice but aren't sure what that could look like for you?

Do you want your family to have a deeper connection, trust eachother and enjoy living hand in hand by honoring each unique beautiful person?

We are connected, as one, yet we sometimes need support to find our life's purposeful pathway.

About Me, Growing UP'ish-

Early on I realized I had a unique childhood. I grew up on an organic farm in north GA, USA. I made mud pies by the creek, harvested berries, built bridges, fed the chickens, and truly played. To me, it was bliss. I was raised with the Montessori philosophy of 'Don't do for a child what they can do for themselves.' Through being allowed to explore my interests, I tried doing all the things. I danced, I played tennis, was in the marching band,ran track, babysat, and had good grades. I soon began teaching and mentoring others with music. I loved it. I taught gymnastics, dance, summer camps and was asked to teach private french horn lessons to younger students.

I loved teaching and mentoring and it gave me purpose. But, I wasn't sure I wanted that for my adult life. So I began college with occupational therapy in mind, then admittedly changed to education a few years later. I moved from the north Georgia mountains to Colorado in 2001 and I achieved a bachelor's in elementary education from Regis University, CO and began teaching with a real teaching license and soon became Montessori certified. As I became a parent in 2002 I fell in love with some of the principles and raw natural beauty of Waldorf materials. I easily blended much of Waldorf and Montessori in my home. I was an educator and administrator for nearly 2 decades and then the world changed over night in 2020. I made a choice to follow my other calling and turned my family upside down. 2 years later we walk a Shamanic family path. We are homeschooling our son, and living an eclectic life full of nature, enjoy hands on learning, and experience a sense of calm that is hard to find in todays world. We honor ourselves, the children in our lives, our family and the ancestors we never met but are within us.

Now I can see that all of those pathways, trails and crooked lines were to fulfill that calling that I knew was there. I began Life Outside the Lines as a way to help others in the hard process that I went through and I know that I am here to serve in many ways. All of my services can be intertwined or chosen separately for each individual to be deeply suported in their journey wherever they may be. I sincerely hope to walk the path with you soon.

What does it mean to be a modern Shaman?

What does a modern shaman do?