My Story

It started when I was a child growing up in the trees. I heard the trees, felt the wind crystals in my pockets and my feet in the dirt.

I learned that my brain craved nature and that silence gave me my true inner voice.

My Why:

My dad got cancer when I was 11, I almost died in a car crash at 16 when I slid off a bridge, young marriage, young motherhood, abuse, narcissism, divorce, financial challenges, single parenting, working and full time college, child loss, debilitating injury and more. I had bad days, months and even years that really weren't pretty. I'm not here to tell you all of this to bare my soul or make you feel bad for me. I'm telling you my past because I survived! Somewhere along the ride I never stopped. I never gave up. I never accepted that the life I was in the middle of living was it. I never accepted that there wasn't more for me! Grateful every day!

Making the choice to not stop or give up, gave me the motivation to reach for more, it helped me heal, be courageous, persevere, be resilient., dig deep and listen to my intuition. GRIT!

That choice also took learning a new way of life. Skills to let go of generational trauma, changing my brain reactions when I got triggered, a strong growth mindset, letting go of the past and looking to the future.

Don't you want more too? Most people get by, mostly happy, fairly successful, being a good parent, living as is and everything is fine, okay, mediocre. But, there's a nagging feeling as if something is missing. I knew that something really was missing in my life. I wasn't living my best life. I was focused on daily survival. Paying the bills, getting food on the table, packing the lunches, laundry etc. I wasn't having much fun with it all and I wasn't giving myself any energy to heal the old emotional scars and wounds that still existed. I wasn't thriving! I wanted to feel alive! I wanted to scream from the tops of mountains with reckless abandonment!

With my skills I chose to not let life live me. I shifted my world to live the life I wanted to be living. Going the places we wanted go, creating the memories that we would treasure forever. I am checking things off my bucket list!

That's why I am consulting! I took the learning steps to leave the fear of living behind.

Everyone has life transitions that will knock them down, but let's get up stronger together than before, with the newly acquired skills and mindsets to cope, grow and conquer what we want out of life and live our best! Let's thrive instead of dive!

My goals for you are to connect with nature to hear your inner voice.

Support you to make the needed choices to live your best life too!

Let's do this together!

About Me, Growing UP'ish-

Early on I realized I had a unique childhood. I grew up on an organic farm in north GA. I made mud pies by the creek, harvested berries, built bridges, fed the chickens, and truly played. It was bliss while I was a young child. I was raised with the Montessori philosophy of 'Don't do for a child what they can do for themselves.' It has served me well. Through being allowed to explore my interests I needed to be doing all the things. I danced, I played tennis, was in the marching band, had good grades, and I soon began teaching. I loved it. I taught gymnastics, dance, summer camps and was asked to teach private french horn lessons to younger students.

I loved teaching then and I love it now. But, I began college with occupational therapy in mind, changed to education a few years later. I don't do much traditionally, I've always paved my own path thinking outside the lines and now I can see that all of those pathways and experiences were for a bigger purpose.

I moved from the North Georgia Mountains to Colorado in 2001 and I achieved a bachelor's in elementary education from Regis University, CO and began teaching with an actual license. As I became a parent in 2002 I fell in love with some of the principles and raw natural beauty of Waldorf materials. I easily blended much of Waldorf and Montessori in my home. Now we are an eclectic mix of a nature inspired life. As a family we enjoy paddle boarding, organic gardening, cooking healthy meals and hiking.

Personally I love to keep my mind and hands busy. I crochet, watercolor paint, needle felt, make jewelry, paint rocks, baby my houseplants, and design my own calendar pages for optimal life efficiency, and research new topics incessantly. My books are my happy place. :)

Education Philosophy

Montessori, Waldorf , Unschooling, Charlotte Mason, Homeschooling, Remote Learning...

There are many philosophies but what matters most is acknowledging that we have a choice and to recognize that there's more than 1 way to educate. Learning is fun!

I believe with my whole being that fostering the love of learning through life experiences begins at birth and never stops. Modeling curiosity, asking questions and encouraging children to think for themselves allows them the ability to problem solve and to trust in their brains and themselves. It builds confidence as they develop through the stages and gives them the strength to take risks. I believe in smart dangerous play, playing is learning, it's experimenting with cause and effect and teaches them to trust themselves. Allowing the children to have the bandwidth to expand and grow their sense of self, in technical terms, it's called executive functioning.

I feel that all parents should have the choice to do what they feel is best for their family. Education isn't just in schools, education is part of life to prepare to be independent. Education should cover not just academics but fosters experimenting with work experiences, identifying strengths and challenges, fostering intrinsic motivation and more.

Today, homeschooling can look different for each family and that's perfect. I believe that making the choice is paramount and that alone means choosing success. Everyone learns and begins teaching with different skills at their own pace. The parents that take on authentic homeschooling all come to the table wanting to do their best for their children. Using a growth and inquiry mindset with your own teaching and for the students is paramount to doing well and evaluating everyone's needs as it evolves.

I believe in creating resiliency, having fun and that the flexibility in authentic homeschooling and remote learning can meet the educational needs with a commitment to make it great. It's not always easy, and it's not always beautiful roses, but it's worth it! Let's do this!

Credentials and Trainings

I hold a Colorado professional teaching license, administrators license and am Lower Elementary Montessori certified.

Reiki Level II, August 2021

Reiki Level I, March 2021

Certification Rapid Results Coach, September 2020

Masters in Leadership in Education, Regis University, April 2020

Emergenetics Administrator, 2019

Roadmap to Responsibility, 2017

Non- Violent Communication Presenter, 2016

Bachelors of Arts- Elementary Education K-6, Regis University, 2009

Montessori Lower Elementary Certified, NorthAmerican Montessori Center (Canada) , 2006

Love and Logic Parent Coach, 2005