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My personal experience- After 11 years of nerve pain due to a rare degenerative disease (CRPS), I have less pain

I have used the x-39, x-49 and AEON for 3 weeks and the nergy enhancer when I feel low. 

I am now walking more than I could have before, doing gentle exercises, sleeping more soundly, have less leg restelssness, have more energy in general, and overall have less pain in my whole body! 

I'd say that's a win! 

I realize that stem-cells only continue to improve with time and I am over the moon excited to see how I continue to improve. 

Check our these charts for what happens over time while wearing light therapy patches!



Simple, easy way to activate your body's natural ability to heal itself.  Using patented phototherapy technologies, Lifewave products help you live long, live well, and live younger. Simply choose the patch that is right for you and use the ancient power of Eastern Medicine to elevate wellness and regenerate your body.  Our money back guarantee, product promise, and commitment to quality make healing an easy choice.

What's ailing you? I've got a patch for that!

11 Patches, Aromatherapy product line, Alavida Product line

Vitality, Activity, Sleep, Movement, and General Wellness

X-39 is the main patch to support your bodies need to regenerate cells. 

As we age this process slows down. We need to help give our cells a boost!

Start with the magic, X-39, for your whole body! 

AEON is a major bonus!