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I'm Jana, and my many life's lessons, constant research and universal energies are here to help you find, become, and live the life of who you really are!

I am helping to change lives by teaching new mindset skills to help you find real balance every day.

My Mission-

To share, teach and facilitate others to live life with a growth mindset, to achieve their goals and live the best balanced life that's attainable. To continue to grow and reach as many people as possible, to expand the audience and assist in creating true change!

My Vision-

To support others and live my life with deep contentment following our hearts to our definition of balanced successes. To support my clients in finding their joy and freedom to live and love as they see and feel is best for them. To continue to grow and model exemplary service in my practice and as a consultant, educator, partner and parent.

To the POINT version-

Each of us knows ourselves best. What fills your soul? Translating your personal strengths into a life full of energy is truthfully full of roadblocks, which can feel very overwhelming. I am here, coaching people just like you, through the hardest challenges and transitions in their lives, to live with fulfillment. You will learn skills to thrive instead of dive! We will release the roadblocks to set you free! You will find what you have always known was there but had no idea on how to get it!

I am coaching for you!

The IN-DEPTH version-

You can get what you want out of life. It is possible! It takes work and dedication! Through learning specific skills and activating a growth/inquiry mindset you can change your brain's patterns, and how you live your life.

The choices you make effect you and those around you. They can make you feel like you can take on the world or crumble under the pressure. Making new choices can help you identify what make you do what you do. Heal and improve the things you want to, or those choices can continue to hold you back. This healing work can be hard but it is so worth it. So what will your choice be? I am here to help!

You feel lost and need to find who you are?

Transitioning through a new phase?

Know you have a bigger purpose but don't know how to find it?

Lost a loved one and feel lonely and confused?

Need to learn new skills to make a life leap?

Want to be a better parent?

How do my clients know if they can reach their goals?

Making the choice to facilitate change in your life takes guts. Recognizing that fear of change may be holding you back takes humility. None of us have it all figured out. Some of us just have different things figured out. Give yourself a high five if this is where you have arrived. Hiring a coach/consultant gives you a much better opportunity to get forward momentum towards what you want with accountability. making the changes can occur faster with me than you could do it by yourself. .

Taking those first steps towards your goals is exhilarating. But reaching them is life changing. This all sounds great, but what is the reality?

Yes, it's hard work!

Yes it takes dedication and the willingness to be deeply honest with yourself. There may be tears, it may take a little time, there will be healing, there will be times of releasing what isn't serving you.

I believe healing is inevitable and that you can do it!

I believe in YOU!