Life Outside the Lines Consulting

Jana Betlach BA MSEDL

Shamanic Practitioner

I grew up in the trees. I heard them talking to me, I felt the wind whisper ancient stories, I walked with bare feet and my pockets full of stones. 

In those years of imaginitive play as a child, I knew that I had an undeniable and rare connection with nature. I knew that I was supposed to remember the stories and what came before.  

As an adult I have combined my soul, career and life experiences to offer many soul care services. 

Life Outside the Lines Consulting is a unique healing space that combines decades of work/life experience and spiritual practice. 

You will receive individualized sacred support through guidance, mentorship and energetic healing. 

During your learning and healing journey you may find yourself experiencing a higher sense of awareness, nervouss system regualtion,  life balance, and level of joy that you haven't previously known or expected.  

 If you found me there's a reason, let's connect! 

I offer- 

Shamanic Living

Realign and Rise: Shamanic Healing Through the 8 Chakras
Spiritual Family Consulting Program

MindWell Mycelium Integration                               

Shamanic Energy Work

Energy Clearings

Shamanic Divination- Bone and Curios Tossing

Shamanic Soul Consulting

Classes & Workshops

Usui Reiki Certifications- I,II,III

Chakra Workshops

Crystal Gridshops

Bone and Curios Tossing 

Guided Journeys


For Sale 

Quantum Crystal Jewelry (Dragonfly Designs)

Purium- The Transformation Company

Poofy Organics- Non-toxic products for home and health

Lifewave- Phototherapy Patches

Feather Creations

Tea Blends and other items

My Mission- 

To share, mentor, model,  guide and hold safe sacred space for others to rise to their full potential while  healing. I aim to assist  my clients in their personal expansion by creating true change, inner peace, and a deeper connection to Mother Gaia!

My Vision- 

To support each client individually and walk hand in hand to live with deep contentment following our hearts to our definition of balanced successes. To support my clients through healing  in finding their joy and freedom to live and love as they see and feel is best for them. To continue to grow and model exemplary service in my practice as a Shamanic Practitioner, consultant, coach, educator, partner and parent. 

Credentials and Trainings

Lithotherpay, June 2024

Ordained Priestess- Universal Life Church Ministries, March 2024

Plant Medicine Magic, February 2023

Shamanic Apprenticeship, June 2022

Reiki Master, March 2022

Certification Rapid Results Life Coach, September 2020

Masters in Leadership in Education, Regis University, April 2020

Emergenetics Administrator,  2019

Roadmap to Responsibility, 2017

Non- Violent Communication Presenter, 2016

Bachelors of Arts- Elementary Education  K-6, Regis University, 2009

Montessori Lower Elementary Certified, North American Montessori Center (Canada) , 2006

Love and Logic Parent Coach,  2005

What does it mean to live your life outside the lines

For me, it's meant listening to my true life calling, following the things that make my heart sing, and having the family life that feels best for our values without letting societal expectations rule. 

From the moment I was born, things were unusual, and I was raised strong enough to follow my passions. This has lead me through many challenging experiences which have forced me to level up. If you are in a place where leveling up is being required of you, I have the tools to spiritually guide you and minimize the frustration and confusion that can come with what life is throwing at you.

 I've been breaking norms, rocking the boat and Living Life Outside the Lines of societal expectations for decades!

Now it's your turn. 

Do you choose to Live Your Life Outside the Lines?