Life Outside the Lines Coaching & Consulting

Jana Betlach

MEDL, BA, Rapid Results Coach

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Services to support living life your way!

Let's do this together!

I offer you 4 services to provide you and/or your family with a well rounded balanced life!

  • Mindset coaching- teaching you the skills to manage life to it's real potential

  • Educational consulting- learning outside the traditional framework, Montessori

  • Poofy Organics - organic non toxic living for your home and family

  • Purium - saving the world with unparalleled organic nutrition feeding your mind, body, and soul

Ready to take charge of your life, but need the accountability to make it stick?

Ready to break the cycles that aren't serving you?

Parenting not as fulfilling as you thought it would be, break the cycle?

Always thought about homeschooling but feel overwhelmed by it?

Always wanted to go non-toxic but didn't know where to start?

Do you have brain fog, trouble focusing and gut trouble?

Through 20 years of personal experience, 15 years in education, I've been breaking the cycles and living life outside the lines of societal expectations!

I am here to help you do the same.

Want to see what I am all about?

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This is my beautiful family! Our daughter is attending the Univeristy of Iowa this year. We are homeschooling our sonshine. husband, 5 yo, 18 yo, and me, Jana.