Life Outside the Lines Consulting

Jana Betlach BA MSEDL

Rapid Results Nature Coach

Education/Homeschooling Consultant

As a heart centered entreprenuer I come to you to serve the higher consciousness that we all have within us.

That little voice that keeps screaming inside of you that you were meant for more.

I offer you the opportunity to serve yourself and your family better than you ever have before!

Living Life Outside the Lines is .....

  • Rapid Results Nature Coaching- guiding you to connect with nature in order to quiet your mind to find your life balance.

  • Reiki- energy work to balance your 7 chakras sustaining health and energy.

  • Education/Parent consulting- learning and living outside the traditional framework, k-12.

  • Poofy Organics - certified organic non toxic living for your home and family

  • Purium - saving the world with unparalleled organic nutrition feeding your mind, body, and soul

  • Crystal jewelry to support your balanced life efforts. Special order available.


Ready to connect with nature to feel grounded to your roots of life?

Overwhelmed by societal noise and you need to calm your mind to hear what is really needed?

Thinking about homeschooling but aren't sure what to do?

Bummed that parenting is draining you instead of building your familial relationships?

Wanting to go non-toxic but didn't want to waste money trying things or know where to start?

Struggling with brain fog, forgetfulness, trouble focusing and gut trouble?

I've been breaking norms and living life outside the lines of societal expectations!

I am here to help you find your balanced way.