Life Outside the Lines Consulting

Jana Betlach BA MSEDL

Rapid Results Nature Connection Sympath

Education/Homeschooling Consultant

Crystal Reiki Energy Work

Usui Reiki Certifications- I,II,III

Crystal Jewelry/Workshops

Purium and Poofy Organics

As a heart centered entreprenuer I come to serve the higher consciousness that we all have within us.

Connect to that little voice that keeps screaming inside of you that you were meant for more.

I offer you the opportunity to tap into your best self, connect to your calling and go for it!

Grit, Grace and Gratitude

Living Life Outside the Lines is .....

  • Rapid Results Nature Connection Sympath- Through a symbiotoc and empathic energy, we tap into your higher self to meet your goal. We use nature, sacred geometry, and crystals as healing tools to ground ourselves through inevitable healing.

  • Crystak Reiki- energy work, utilizing crystals to enhance Reiki balancing your 7 chakras sustaining health and enthusiasm for life, us

  • Usui Reiki Certifications- Levels I, II, and Master certification through 1-1 or group classes.

  • Education Consulting- learning and living outside the traditional educational framework, k-12.

  • Crystal Work- I host workshops (gridshops) using crystals to enhance your daily life. I also make quantam crystal jewelry holding sacred energy to support your balanced life efforts. Special order available.

  • Poofy Organics - certified organic non toxic living for your home and family.

  • Purium - saving the world with unparalleled organic nutrition feeding your mind, body, and soul.

What does it mean to live your life outside the lines?

For me it's meant finding my true life calling, following the things that make my heart sing, and having the family life that feels best for our values without letting societal expectations rule.

From the moment I was born, things were unusual, and I was raised strong enough to follow my passions. This has lead me through many challenging experiences which have forced me to level up. If you are in a place where leveling up is being required of you, I have the tools to guide you and minimize the frustration and confusion that can come with what life is throwing at you.

I've been breaking norms and Living Life Outside the Lines of societal expectations for decades!

Now it's your turn to Live Your Life Outside the Lines!