Love Letters/Testimonials

Testimonials- I like to call them love letters from my clients.

January, 2021- Education Consulting

As a single parent that was homeschooled it's been hard to know how to get it all done and be the best parent that I could, and I worried about her education. Jana helped me prioritize, find some life balance and best of all she helped me figure out what to supplement academically to help get her back on track and not behind. H.J.- Golden, CO

July 2021 - Reiki

I woke up from almost not walking with unexplained hip pain to being 80% better the next morning. JB- Lakewood, CO

November, 2019- Mindset Consulting

Jana has a way that made me feel safe to share the real challenges of my parenting. She helped me make decisions and get on the same page with my husband. Our daughters behavior has gotten easier for us, not just me, to handle and manage. I feel more confident than ever and can't wait to learn more from Jana. C.H.R. - Lakewood, CO

April, 2021- Reiki, Intutive Reading

I have never felt so called out in a good way to make positive healing changes in my life. The day after I had the best chiro adjustment ever. My body was ready to accept the structural shift. . SQ. - Lakewood, CO

January, 2020- Parenting Consulting

I have a very challenging first child. I didn't know what to do with him and if his behavior was normal. Jana coached me through finding the appropriate help and to realize that his differences weren't my fault. She coached me through raising my self esteem and beign more confident in my ability as a mom and advocate for my child. We are not getting the help we need and Jana is an invaluable resource. J.G.- Florida

June, 2021- Homeschool Evaluation

Jana was able to assure me that my son is learning at a beautiful and natural pace. She gave me next step suggestions, guidance on state standards, yet allowed for space for different styles of learning. She helped my son feel confident in his learning ability and my teaching.

L.B.- Aurora, CO

July, 2020- Mindset Consulting

Jana is an incredible resource, support, and all around wonderful person! If you are hesitating to reach out to her DON"T! You won't regret it!- Facebook, ~ CP, Lakewood, Colorado

September, 2020- Education Consulting- Montessori
Covid changed my daughter's Montessori school career. I called Jana on a referral from our old school and it our conversation was perfect. She pointed us in the right direction for her Montessori needs, had great advice for a home Montessori learning space and philosophical theory about Montessori to encourage our home learning when not doing what the school suggested remotely. M.R.- Arkansas