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Crystal GridShop 101- April 3, 2:00-4:00

Crystal GridShop101- Do crystals really work? Yes, and I will explain how, give some crystal grid history, and show you how to make your own grid to enhance your intentions. We will end with a coco

Relax for the afternoon and play with pretty rocks that can enhance your already wonderful life!

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Through this crystal grid workshop, we will open with a shared nature connecting meditation and close with practice making your own unique grids to help uyou manifest your desires. During the workshop I will share science backed crystal basics, what a grid is, sacred geometry in relation to grids, why they can help all of us, and how to make your own unique grid to manifest your desires. You will receive a mini full set of chakra crystals to support you in your new collection, and an informational packet detailing all that was covered in the workshop.

Each registered person will receive a chance to win one of my unique quartz crystal bracelets charged with cleansing energy. I will have others for sale as well.

Professionally I have been in education for 3 decades. I hold a BA in Elementary Ed, a Master’s in Leadership of Education and many certifications including Life Coaching and Behavioral Supports for Parents. My experience ranges from public school, Montessori, homeschooling, summer camps and my many workshops to inspire others to live and love life as we truly are intended. I am a Rapid Results Nature Connection Sympath and run my own small business, Life Outside the Lines Consulting. Like many of you, I have many passions. My mission is to share passions and knowledge with everyone to help heal as much of the world as possible.

I invite you to share this passion with me and join us for the Crystal Grid Workshop, for an afternoon of making new friends, expanding our minds and welcoming Spirit.

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