"Living Life Outside the Lines"

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Why the Dragonfly?

A dragonfly eye has over 50,000 facets, meaning it can look at its entire world through many lenses. That is how I approach life, my business and everything that is thrown at me.

This is how I try to support all of you, looking at your needs through every possible eye.

'Living The Dragonfly Life' consists of shared information monthly to support your family, add a little fun, homeschool family stories, and a lot more to keep us all going!

February 2021, Newsletter

February's edition of Living Life Outside the Lines Newsletter

It's all about LOVE, ya it's cheesy but I don't judge. Read on...

November, '20, LOSL Newsletter

November's edition of Living the Dragonfly Life

This edition of Living the Dragonfly Life covers some great reading recommendations, Autumn activities, self care strategies and more. Hope you like it!

The first week of each month a newsletter will be sent out to subscribers with some fun resources. I will include the month's theme and how it can serve you! It all depends on what great things I discover throughout the month. Can't wait to share my life's work with you!